Project DIY: Upcyling Mason Jars for Plusify Fashion

Plusify Fashion Anniversary Sale 2015

Me and Cheryn Tan, CEO of Plusify Fashion + client + boss + WebWeaver Learning Center guru =)


I had the task of putting together the social media posters, banner designs and newsletter header designs for the Plusify Anniversary Sale event. It was a learning and humbling experience indeed!

Cheryn guided me in her design preferences in person and we managed to get everything done in time for the anniversary sale =)

Plusify Fashion Event Graphic Design


The morning of the event, Cheryn equipped me with some nifty balloons and I had to get the photobooth set up. The night before I managed to put together some photobooth signs/props as well!

Plusify Fashion Anniversary Sale 2015

The event Photo Booth =)


Plusify Fashion Anniversary Sale 2015

A photobooth without props would be incomplete!


Also, a side ‘industry tempatan’ income of mine, I paint mason jars. It wasn’t a planned side income but it turned out I was pretty good at it.

Cheryn, Plusify Fashion owner ordered 55 mason jars to put in the event goodie bags (among the many other fun items of course! Cheryn truly went all out this year!).

Plusify Fashion Anniversary Sale

The little goodie bag everyone got that day


Plusify Fashion Anniversary Sale

Yeap! No one left the event without a goodie bag =)


The jars serve as a holder to stuff in vouchers, complimentary gift earrings and little knick knacks. Plus points – the jars can be used as make up brush holders or even tea light candle holders =)

DIY: Upcycle Mason Jar

Elisha’s side income: industri tempatan-esque mason jar up cycling!


Since DIY is something I truly enjoy, I thought why not spread the DIY love a little and show you how it’s done. (poster below)

It took me several trial and error runs indeed for me to get things just right, but after about 20 failed attempts, I was pretty confident to take on Cheryn’s order of 55 mason jars for the anniversary event.

It took me about 3 days to get everything done. Gathering the materials for the project was most important naturally so I headed to stationary shops and hardware stores to get everything I needed.

DIY: Upcycle Mason Jar

Awesome for party gifts and event goodie bags =) Order them from me by the box!


I have a little store room at home which doubles up as my ‘art and crafts creation’ corner. In short, the corner where I don’t mind (too much) should any paint accidents happen PLUS it has good ventilation which is a bonus when dealing with spray paint =)

So yes, armed with the materials, mason jars, some time set aside and some TV shows and music as motivational background noise, I managed to get the jars ready just in the nick of time for the event.


DIY: Upcycle mason jars


A tiny update on how the event went!

Month long social media marketing on my part + Cheryn’s hard work gathering resources, contacts and prepping up the private boutique paid off.

Alhamdulillah, the event, in my eyes, was a success and everyone that attended left Plusify Fashion with goodie bags, tons of plus size clothing at an affordable price and if like me, left the event with a few new friends and a large non-toothy grin on my face.

Plusify Fashion Anniversary Sale

I was on duty for all social media related updates. As the event was progressing, I made live updates on social media which is very important when hosting an event.


Plusify Fashion Anniversary Sale

Cheryn and Nalini (also part of the Plusify team) had all of this set up! Glorious isn’t it?


Plusify Fashion Anniversary Sale

Mini changing rooms were set up, accessories laid out, mirrors hung and yes, decorations were ‘blue-tacked’ everywhere in sight – we were ready to brave the event storm!

This was early in the morning before people came. Cheryn, Nalini and I were there early to make sure everything was in place and that everyone knew what their roles were for the day.


Plusify Fashion Anniversary Sale

The private Plusify Fashion boutique is located in Sentul. Do drop by! Just make an appointment first by calling or whatsap-ing  010 2616861 / 03 40509698 =)

Plusify Fashion Boutique: 33-1, Viva Biz Avenue, Jalan Suppiah Pillay, Off Jalan Ipoh, 51200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – please WAZE us


Plusify Fashion Anniversary Sale

It was OPERATION PLUSIFY in a way. Plus size girls on a plus size mission! AND I’m happy to report, yeap! That’s right. Say it with me Tom Cruise *cue Mission Impossible theme* – Mission. Accomplished.

Till my next blogpost. Stay creative and keep biting that design bullet!


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