Elisha Rusli | Freelancer
Website & Graphic Designer

I provide a complete visual branding and website design package for personal business owners, bloggers and small startups in Malaysia.

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Elisha who?

Thank you for dropping by my little spot in cyberspace =) I’m a 1985 baby. I’m a local graduate from Multimedia University (MMU). I’ve had over 2 years experience working in the field of branding and I intend to stay in the game – I’m in it for the long haul. Oh, I’m Johorian – from good ol’ JayBee! Oddly, that makes me a southern gal.


I eat, sleep and breathe design – I can’t help it, it’s a ‘creative conundrum’ lifestyle. Oh! I blog part-time as well. Let’s bite that design bullet together! I attend WebWeaver Learning Centre classes as well to keep my design skills in check, learn video editing and keep myself updated with the latest in the industry. Lifelong learning.

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Her mission.

I provide a complete visual branding and website design package for personal business owners, bloggers and small startups in Malaysia. Brand identity is something definitely looked over by many (which I personally feel makes the road to success a little too bumpy). It’s not just photoshop, it’s psychology.

Her wins.

Her skills.

I’m in the business of building strong startup and personal brands with strong roots for continuous online growth and presence. Naturally, I’ve been honing my tech trade and branding craft to fully assist you with your startup! Below is my current skill set. This isn’t even my final form 🙂

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  • Adobe Photoshop – a raster graphics editor I use to edit photographs and build basic graphic designs
  • Adobe Illustrator – a vector graphics editor I use predominantly for printed graphic design eg. buntings, banners and marketing merchandise
  • iMovie – video editing software mainly to create YouTube videos
  • WordPress – blog and website building software
  • PrestaShop – open source e-commerce website builder
  • Adobe After Effects (achievement locked) – advanced video editing software currently learning at WebWebweaver Learning Center
  • Adobe Premiere (achievement locked) – is a timeline-based video editing software application currently learning at WebWebweaver Learning Center



Her interests.

combo lightbulb brain

  Musicals. Playing the guitar (LOVE SIXSTRINGS, awesome guitar and music school!). Singing.


   Multitasking + Yin Yoga.

   Good conversations. In person (very important).

   Comedians. Dylan Moran, Louie CK, Jimmy Carr, Bill Burr.

   Coffee. Coffee at San Francisco Coffee every Wednesday morning (Gotta chase that caffeine high!).

   Art and illustrations. I have an appreciation for art AND good ol’ paper pencil drawing. I’m a MEDIA art kinda gal =)

   MOVIES. TV DRAMA MARATHONS. TWD. Reign. Supernatural. Fringe. [Click here to view my TV Watch(ed)list] 🙂

   DIY and up cycling. 

   Connectivity. Finding correlations. I LOVE Research.

   Fashion. Design. Self expression through media. Check out Plusify Fashion! LOVE their stuff!

   Audiobooks. Podcasts. WTF with Marc Maron. The Nerdist.

   DANCE. Also, an appreciation. Like drawing, I really can’t dance to save my life.

   9 GAG. It has saved me many a times and tensed moments.

   Pinterest. I can’t help it. I’m a pinterest addict!


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Her idiosyncrasies.

   With the combined power of caffeine and music – productivity mode

   Equipped with ‘Doraemon ajaib’ messenger bag – plaster? tissue? safety pin? panadol? blue tack? scissors? Say no more!

   Making correlations and connections on autopilot!

   Any water bottles I’ve lost seem to always find its way back to me (eventually).

   Most creative in the mornings =)

   I am a Malaysian Whovian  

    I am good at wordplay and puns!