Operation: DIY Notice Board

A hobby of mine. I wanted to revamp my living space and with limited funds, going DIY was a natural choice =) So out I went to do some research on Pinterest (find me! @elisharusli) and got the materials I needed. Found everything from the Dataran Glomac row of gloriously convenient shophouses.

used iMovie to put together my little video

I used iMovie to put together my little video

Got the spray paint, binder clips and paper clips from Premio stationary shop.

Got the wire fence, hooks and nails from the hardware store just 2 shops down to Premio

Wire cutters, well I used heavy duty multi-purpose kitchen scissors I already had.

Hooked up my Lumix compact camera (which doubled as a HD video recorder) and fully recharged the batteries.

And yes, thought I’d make a video to work on my video editing skills. I’ve had experience with Windows Movie Maker but I wanted to get the hang of using iMovie. Simple piece of software it turns out (which is awesome! no complaints). I just got my hands on a MacBook Pro and the iMovie application was part of the bundle. I think it’s great for budding video editing enthusiasts like me!


Naturally, this is just to tide me over till Cheryn (my ‘all things design’ guru from WebWeaver Learning Center) teaches me Adobe Aftereffects. Originally, I had planned to use the music from Paul Otten, Girl You’re Alright but YouTube will definitely have some major restrictions, so I googled free licensed music. Well actually, I type in ‘YouTube music allowed no restriction’ and super reliable Google showed me the way!



freemusicarchive.org was free licensed music heaven!


That’s when I found freemusicarchive.org. I was in ‘super legit free music for YouTube’ heaven! BUT you really have to rummage through the free music to find something you like. Which, is very very very tough, time consuming and migraine inducing. But hey, using licensed music for my kuchi video was indeed very wrong – and YouTube reminds me constantly =p

So yeap, that’s about it for my first blogpost =) Do subscribe to my YouTube Channel to stay updated with what I’m up to in the internet video world and check out my Pinterest page (@elisharusli)!

Signing off with a quote!

Take care guys.



Love this song! Yeap, I’m in love with the TV series Reign too =)