The Internet Fights Back : Nikon Awards A Badly Photoshopped Photo

When marketing campaigns take a turn for the worse, you can ALWAYS put a spin on it! My hat off to you Nikon for taking our backlash with such grace 🙂 It turns out, you’ve managed to make a Nikon trolley bag go viral!

Taken from Nikon Singapore’s Facebook at

Yu Wei chanced upon a set of ladders while on a photowalk with his friends in Chinatown, and thought the view above would make an interesting perspective. Little did he expect to catch an airplane in mid-air. We’ll try looking up too, Yu Wei; your shot has won you a Nikon trolley bag. Congratulations!

Photo Credit: Chay Yu Wei using the Nikon D90
Shutter Speed: 1/1600”
Aperture: F2.8



The issue?

Real photograph but a plane was poorly photoshopped in.


nikon4 copy




How did the Internet reply?

Nothing short of spectacular! Here are some funny replies good guy Nikon had to endure!


nikon2 copy

nikon3 copy


nikon7 copy






nikon10 copy


nikon11 copy


nikon12 copy


nikon13 copy


nikon14 copy


nikon16 copy




My response?

I accepted the photoshop challenge and did my own!

nikon6 copy

image source for spaceman – click here

image source for death star in space – click here




Nikon’s response?

We will Nikon, we will keep our imagination alive!





Winner of the Nikon trolley bag’s response?

At the end of the day, quite kesian. BUT hey, it triggered one heck of a response from the Internet 🙂