Movie Review: Southpaw (2015)

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Jake Gyllenhaal (Yill-in-Hoo-la-hey): Donnie Darko (2001) to Prince of Persia (2010) to Love & Other Drugs (2010) to Nightcrawler (2014) and finally, Southpaw (2015).

Despite my extensive movie watching mental knowledge directory, the term ‘method actor’ only came along the past year or so. Not entirely sure why I wasn’t aware of the term.

In short, a ‘method actor’ is an actor or actress that would go the extra mile AND another add-on mile to make their role come to life. Infamous or famous for being a method actor is none other than Mr. Batman himself, Christian Bale.


When a role called for an emaciated figure, Christian Bale produced that.

When a role needed a semi balding, middle aged overweight man, he produced that.

AND when they needed Batman, he became Batman.

I guess the female counterpart might be Charlize Theron and Hillary Swank. For Charlize, it was changing herself physically for roles like Aileen Wuornos in Monster (2003) and Aeon Flux in Aeon Flux (2005).

For Hillary Swank, Teena Brandon in Boys Don’t Cry (1999) and Maggie Fitzgerald in Million Dollar Baby (2004).

So yes, like Christian Bale and James McAvoy, Mr. Jake Yill-in-Hoo-la-hey, you’ve just entered my top 5 favourite actors list!


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First of all, losing even 1 kg would take all of me and every motivation fibre of my being. How Christian Bale can just transform himself by discipline and sheer willpower is beyond me.

But yes, rollover Batman, angst ridden beefed up Gyllenhaal’s in town =)



Back to Southpaw and Mr. Donnie Darko. OMG. The last movie I saw him in was Nightcrawler (2014) and if I recall correctly, he played this narcissistic unwell dude determined to be the best irregardless of the consequences.

The character he played had that slight murderer in sheep’s clothing vibe which I realise now, seems to be a reoccuring role he gets and now I definitely know why.



A younger Jake Gyllenhaal playing Donnie Darko.

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I only watched Donnie Darko (2001) recently the past year (a.k.a that movie with the psychotic bunny). The movie was ahead of it’s dark and dreary time for sure!

It must be in Jake Gyllenhaal’s DNA reconfiguration somewhere that he was just born to act and the roles given, he plays with scary enthusiasm and dedication.

He’s got that spark of mad evil genius. He just does.

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Jake transformed himself completely! He made himself rock hard for Southpaw. It felt like he became Prince of Persia versi 4.0. The way he moved, the way he spoke. Each role he plays, he’s TRULY a different person!

He was in Love and Other Drugs (2010)  (with Anne Hathaway) too and my brain is going through this weird Matrix glitch because it can’t seem to identify these two roles as being played by the same actor.

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The movie, Prince of Persia (2010) was pretty good. Good in the ‘lots of things meletup-ing and running around’ way, not so much storyline.



Southpaw’s storyline is very clear and predictable BUT it was still very very awesome! I was just hooked from the get go.

The story of rags to riches then rags back again is always a crowd pleaser.

Forest Whitaker (also in Southpaw), don’t get me started! That’s one crazy talented actor. He’s in a league of his own. I loved him from Repo Men (2010) for sure. Worthy of mention too, Rachel McAdams as well did a kick ass job.

The soundtrack of Southpaw (no surprise there) is angst wrilled FANTASTIC. Lots of Eminem type ‘I’m Not Afraid’ songs and using music to harness the anger and emotions and somehow turn it into productivity and triumph.

One thing from the movie that did stick with me (apart from Mr.Donnie Darko) was that if and when you fall, at the end of the day, only family and your true friends will be there to help you pick up the pieces or at least stick around till you do.

That is true. That is definitely true.

And more often than not, the person you least expected turns out to be the one that stands by you.


Let your angst and frustrations loose. Check out this YouTube playlist.

I’ve yet to watch a bad boxing themed movie. Wait, there was that Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg movie about the two boxing champion brothers, The Fighter (2010). It was good but forgettable. I’m labelling that movie a cinematic anomaly.

So yes, 5/5 bulletproof stars from me.

In my books, it’s a killer movie. One, that will definitely be my movie anthem for a long long time to come.

cinematic drugs rating

In memory of James Horner was part of the final credits. RIP James Horner, Academy and Golden Globe award-winning American composer, conductor and orchestrator of film scores. Yeap, Titanic soundtrack – that was him.

Till next time. Stay cinematic sane and awesome yeah?


No contest.



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