Market 17 @ Jaya One – A Bazaar Weekend

The past month has been eventful in terms of work opportunities (and also lost opportunities). Being an entrepreneur it turns out, the books and the many quotes were right. It’s mad tough. One saying pops in my head though.

Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.

I would admit, it IS a rather pretentious and bitterness inspired quote. Don’t have to exactly *hit on everyone else to make yourself feel better. But I guess, some days a little motivation denial helps. I don’t think the saying is specific to entrepreneurs, I believe it can be applied in many many professions and goals. Indeed, pain is the part of the process (but suffering is a choice?).

Alright, enough with the self reflection and self imposed zen.

The past 2 weekends, I managed to drop by Markets 17 =)


This was the I Can’t Sew and Plusify Fashion booth setup at Markets 17. Both fashion brands have hired me to maintain their social media and graphic design. Plusify is my affordable fashion drug supplier! Finally, clothes that fit!


ICS (I Can’t Sew) boutique has tons of really envy inducing petite apparel. I actually like this greyish watery dress in particular. Feels like one of those Chinese calligraphy artwork. The kind with usually lotus or horses. Hmm, what is the plural of lotus? Lotuses? Loti? I’ll ask Google in a bit.


I’m a sucker for basic classic pieces that comes in a variety of prints. Their signature design would be this u-neck sleeveless dress. The variety of pattern choices are mad. Mad in a good way.


This dress (up top) has been making some waves! Talitha Tan, jazz singer and guitarist (and born to shine artist all round) picked this dress out awhile back. ICS sponsored her this four seasons dress. Oh, and she even wore it for her Cleo article!

I met her randomly when I took guitar classes at SixStrings with Joshua Tong (who I swear has a Seth McFarlane vibe!). This was almost a year back. But life as unpredictable as it can be, we bumped into each other at another Markets event. Talitha Tan is going places for sure. I think she’s not even 20 yet, so I foresee her making huge waves in the Malaysian music industry for years to come.



Shamelessly stolen from


I can definitely say that this force of acoustic jazz nature has charisma and spunk. I don’t think many would pursue a music career because the path isn’t as safely paved or straightforward. So yes, my hat off and heart out to you Ms Talitha Tan! No guts, no glory and gguuuurrrrllllll, you’ve got heaps of it.


Plusify Fashion founder and WebWeaver Learning Center guru, Cheryn Tan prepping up the Plusify Fashion corner early morning in time for the ‘brunch crowd’. Naturally, I had to take a photo of myself! Happen to be wearing the same Plusify dress I bought a month back.


So what else did I get at Markets 17?

I went certifiably nuts when I stumbled upon the Moon-E Store booth. It was chock full of hipster gypsy-esque jewellery and it was really, really, really, really crazily affordable. In truth, I felt like I was ripping the lovely store owner off. I purchased this gunmetal bracelet, 6 pairs of earrings and 6 rings all for under RM65. Insane steal. Thankfully, I still had enough cash left for petrol. I just HAD to get these items.


I’ve got huge ‘built for mining’ fingers. Finally, I found a jewellery store that has rings in my size. Turns out, I’ve got plus size fingers too. The sweet, laid back and friendly store owner takes pride in her jewellery for sale stash! You can just see it in her eyes =) I’m pretty sure I know who to call when I need another shiny jewellery quick fix.


Got these two headbands from the Korean Headbands booth. Honestly, good headbands are hard to find! And since I’ve been growing out my hair, well on one side (because I miss braiding my hair) hairbands are my go-to style solution for lazy days. The ‘got up too late to mandi’ days.

My hair colour has been changing a lot the past 2 months. It was greyish for a bit, then it faded to blonde, I bought some red ruby hair dye and covered the blonde bits up. If you can’t pull off platinum blonde like Lady Gaga, you have to just bow out, admit slight defeat and move back to good ol’ red. WHICH will eventually fade to chestnut brown. Don’t mind it at all. I guess I’m that ‘five colours in her hair’ girl =)

Been learning more PhotoShop lately. Self imposed practice. Learned how to make that TV VHS glitch thingy with Talitha’s photograph. It was taken by Happyfingers Photography. Definitely future photography goals! Amazing what PhotoShop tutorials you can find online. Bless the internet. Sigh is a Talitha Tan original. I added part of the lyrics for some font-type play =)

Eat. Sleep. Design. Repeat.



Talitha Tan - Sigh (lyrics)