Dragon Run Media Preview : Entering The Dragon

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Zyen Hoo’s Plus Size Plus One.

The Dragon Run preview was held last Saturday, 8th April 2016 and I had the opportunity to be part of it as Zyen’s plus one. I’m her plus size plus one! Pun intended. Everything was immaculately organised by Citrine One. We were even given Subway sandwiches immediately by event staff, Pei Ling and Syukrina to munch away during the 1 hour journey up!

In the bus, Anita, also event staff, got us all settled in. Even the bus conductor/tour guide was amazing! We were really well taken care of. Take note of photo (above) – my calm and slightly sleepy smile clearly shows how clueless I was about the preview I was heading to.

In my mind, it was an event launch and I’d have to listen to speeches and help with taking photos. That was a communication mishap on my part. Perhaps I didn’t digest the email the organisers sent me well enough. I blame my habit of multitasking.



I Already Ate The Chicken Teriyaki Subway Sandwich.

This is me, Carmen and Zyen. Coincidentally, Carmen had taken one of Zyen’s Belly Funk classes in the past and I happen to be in that very same class. It turns out, Carmen works with Citrine One, the media firm organising the preview. The Dragon Run event itself is on 14th and 15th May 2016.

I realised the flaws in my intended afternoon when the bus pulled up to a location with huge obstacle courses. Naturally, these obstacle courses were disguised as brightly coloured bouncy houses, as not to scare away too much unsuspecting participants. Despite their colourful efforts, I was afraid. All the panic alarms in my head went off.

What. Did. I. Get. Myself. Into.

As most brains work, mine tried to take flight instead of fight. My brain tried to talk myself out of it for a good 15 minutes which truly felt a 1/4 of a lifetime if you are anxiety prone like me. Every excuse I could come up with left my mouth but I realised, resistance was futile. I was Zyen’s plus one and plus size or not, it wouldn’t be cool if I opted out. What kind of plus one would I be? Also, I already ate the free chicken teriyaki subway sandwich given *facepalm*

Therefore, no backsies.



Crouching Tiger, Crawling Dragon.

I was in the belly of the beast so to speak. Truly, it was a struggle (for me). I saw Zyen up ahead, and crawled my way to her. Note the crouching tiger crawling dragon epic scene. I’m risk and physical exercise averse. Anything that requires a racing heart rate and additional hand towel to mop up sweat isn’t my cup of tea. As my brain continued fighting the good fight, I’m sure my heart wasn’t too happy working on overdrive. Evidently it had plans for a lil’ Netflix and fluffy cat cuddling that Saturday afternoon.

The challenge I faced was more a mental one than physical. Once I felt the fear and did it anyways, it actually started to feel like fun! Painful fun, but fun nevertheless. I got passed the dragon’s insides, got out the other end and then made my way to the next obstacle. This time I was a little more into it. Dragon Run is the world’s first martial arts inflatable obstacle race. (more details below)



Rome Was Not Built In A Day.

I fed off everyone’s energy. Everyone had this ‘can do or die trying’ attitude. They felt like very vibrant, strong people and this definitely includes Zyen (both Spartan and killer Viper), whom I definitely look up to in many many ways.

Rome was not build in a day. Last Saturday, the Dragon Run preview help me layout out a more effective and healthy Elisha city plan. It will take awhile to get the city up and running, get MYSELF up and running but the preview gave me a pretty good idea of what I want to achieve personally.



A Super Adrenaline Junkie Trooper.

We were supposed to bring a change of clothes and small towel that day and being me, I forgot. Now I knew why. See that wicked looking ladder up? The other side of it is a very steep slide down with promises of an incredibly soaking wet end. I opted out and I think many of us did. It’s really scary. But I am pretty sure it was meant to be. Dragon Run definitely is challenging so it’s pretty darn perfect for adrenaline junkies like my good ol’ pal Zyen.

I could see Zyen’s eyes light up seeing this monstrosity of anxiety. To her, it had a different (much healthier) effect. There was no thinking twice about it, Zyen took the leap AND she didn’t bring a change of clothes either! I’m convinced she’s made of steel, built to last and belongs in a Nike ad campaign. A trooper till the very end my friend. Hat and heart off to you kawan =) Please do check out her blog at www.zyenhoo.com



When It Rains, It Pours.

I neglected to mention that it starting pouring as Zyen made her way up to the top of the slide. Even the rain couldn’t stop her! I managed to take a video of her as she took the plunge. Citrine One handed out little plastic raincoats to us. The level of efficiency they showed was ridiculous, in a very good way. This is us, all smiles. Zyen soaking wet and probably a little cold. A few of us we huddled under a tent waiting for the downpour to stop. Dare I say, I felt really happy!



Pretty Little Mama With Kissable Lips.

See this group of people me and Zyen are ‘selfie-ing’ with? They were part of the media group we were placed in. It’s a small world for sure as I’ve met Syafiera Yamin and Wendy Pua previously at last year’s Plusify Fashion first year anniversary celebration. The big smiles were not only due to our shared experience, but also from the makan buffet session at Awana Genting afters =)

I special shout out to Syafiera Yamin. She’s that pretty little mama with kissable lips beside me. She’s also a big reason I pushed myself to ‘enter the dragon’. Syafiera is a feisty little sprite for sure! She’s a force of overwhelmingly positive nature =) We were both fishes out of water in a way (for opposite reasons). She approached everything with wild enthusiasm. It was hard not to get infected.


source: www.FB.com/DRunOfficial

source: www.FB.com/DRunOfficial


It was a good Saturday afternoon, one of the best I’ve had so far. In a small way, perhaps this was also a preview of my future life to come? Maybe Elisha could be an adrenaline junkie too? Maybe develop infectious positivity as well? Maybe even learn to digest better event details sent by organisers?

I doubt I can change the multitasking side of me though. That might be severely overreaching. Baby steps. For now, for today and for at least the next few months, I’ve had my fill of adrenaline. That’s still one foot ahead of the other. More to come from Elisha Rusli =)

Do check out Zyen’s experience of the Dragon Run preview here =)

Bite the design bullet with me, Elisha.





Date: 14 and 15 May 2016
Time: 7 am – 6 pm
Venue: The Ranch, Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands

Designed for those with the love of martial arts and the thrill of a run, Dragon Run is an adrenaline-pumping 6K run around a course that incorporates eye-catching, often towering and certainly challenging Martial Arts-inspired obstacles. An all-ages event set in an Asian contemporary atmosphere, Dragon Run will feature activities for the whole family.

Heed to the calls of the Dragon and fulfill the need for speed. Start at the towering Dragon Gate before taking on the monstrous Giant Dragon, the complex Kung Fu-inspired all-in-one obstacle that will test your balance, endurance and agility. Then complete a course of 10 gigantic martial arts obstacles in the styles of Dragon Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Sumo and Jeet Kune Do that promises an adrenaline and endorphins-pumping experience.

Upon completion, enjoy the rest of the day with your fellow Dragon Run tribesmen at the Dragon Village, where a plethora of food and beverage offerings, carnival games and combat demonstrations await. Otherwise, sit back, enjoy the live feed of the run and cheer for your fellow runners.

Aspiring Dragon Warriors, aged 12 or younger, can embark on a journey through an equally entertaining and delicious candy-inspired bouncy castle, brought by Sweetwalk. Also, expect a myriad of children’s activities including face painting, balloon twisting and other carnival games that will ensure a satisfying day-out in the cool plains of Genting Highlands.

Whilst Dragon Village is open for all ages, the obstacle run requires participants aged 12 or above. Minors 12 to 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult during the run.

Visit their FB page for more information.