DIY : Pimp Your Earphones!

DIY : Pimp Your Earphones

DIY : Pimp Your Earphones

Hi, I’m Elisha and I’m a Pinterest addict.

Off and on I get my hands down and DIY dirty, so I thought what the heck, let’s try this nifty earphones upgrade I found on Pinterest =) No surprise there. I was getting a wee bored with washi taping renegade wires, so realising I could ‘friendship band’ them was a bit mind-blowing!

So off I went to hunt down some embroidery thread, which I of course found in Daiso. I whipped out a pair of scissors, 2 Sharpie pens to act as ‘knitting needles’ and retrieved my flailing, rather half dead pair of earphones.


DIY : Pimp Your Earphones

A survivor.

It still works despite its brief encounter with my cat’s dagger-like teeth, tugging and pulling from everyday use and pretty much still survived me and my general ‘lasak-ness’. I decided, let’s pimp em’ earphones out. Let’s give it a fresh new coat (or cardigan!) and hopefully a whole new lease on life. We all deserve a chance to reinvent ourselves =)

Up top – you can probably spot it’s massive puncture wound.


DIY : Pimp Your Earphones

Pink emo, is the way to go.

It turns out it’s not that difficult at all. The concept of it all. It’s mostly just wrapping and tying knots. I picked a rather ‘pink emo’ combination of colours. So I used several shades of pink and purple and lots of black. First step is to cut the threads of choice twice the length of the wire and tie it to the end of the earphones.


DIY : Pimp Your Earphones

Wrap me baby, one more time!

It turns out, it’s all about focusing on one colour at a time. In this photo up top, I’m wrapping the black thread over the pink. Once I’m done with that section, I tie a knot then proceed with wrapping the pink thread over the black. Once I’ve done that section, I tie another knot. Continue this process over-and-over-again until you’ve fully wrapped the wires in thread.


DIY : Pimp Your Earphones


It took me about 3-4 days to fully pimp out my old earphones. I would go on my mini wrapping missions periodically throughout the day. There’s this zen like feeling I get from the repetitive wrapping and finishing off one section with a tight knot. Once you get a hang of things, it comes along really fast. Be sure to wrap the wire tight and evenly, if not you’d end up with bunched up sections. More ‘texture’ than necessary.

I think its similar to hand sewing or knitting. I get that same ‘zoned out’ state of mind when I sew.


DIY : Pimp Your Earphones

…and it’s a (slim)wrap.

Plus point, I’m super certain that this upgrade will extend the life of my earphones. I guess its like getting a slim wrap, everything’s tucked in and the chances of things breaking apart or getting loose is less likely. I must admit, completing the final section, tying that very final knot made me feel overtly accomplished. It was along the lines of, take that ugly old wires, take it! take it!

I am definitely projecting.

I am rather certain that this DIY how-to isn’t that visually easy to follow. I managed to put together this quick little video – hopefully you can get a better feel for things?



Thanks everyone for reading =)

Do stay tuned for more from me.

elisha rusli

PS – And if all else fails, do check out my Pinterest board to have a look at the original ‘pimp my earphones’ how-to. Find it right [here].

DIY : Pimp Your Earphones


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