Digital Marketing Masterclass, Asia Web Academy

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Digital Marketing Masterclass, Asia Web Academy

Entrepreneur 101: Embrace Lifelong Learning

I arrived early to Eastin Hotel to beat the morning jam. I must admit I was slightly nervous about attending the Digital Marketing Masterclass by AsiaWeb Academy but keeping in mind my self imposed mission of lifelong learning, I decided to just bite the bullet and take the plunge into the unknown.

I managed to save up enough to attend this 2 day intensive masterclass. As I arrived the conference room in Eastin Hotel, I must admit I did feel a sense of pride of sorts. Just being there, making the payment for the course with savings from the previous months, just stepping out of my comfort zone, that itself was a mini victory.

*self pat of back*

I signed up online at their website then got a call eventually by Mun. She was incredibly sweet and was patient with my neverending questions regarding the course. The course structure was amazing and definitely relevant to my line of work. I reckon having some knowledge in digital marketing will go along way as a graphic designer, website designer and social media manager.




Ask and ye shall receive.

To be honest, I did think twice, well several times before committing to the course but as a friend of mine, Dianthus pointed out (side note – miss you kawan). Any investment in yourself, on your own business is never a waste. The rewards will outweigh the investment be it time, financially or even physically.

I have been working for clients, Plusify Fashion and I Can’t Sew with social media monitoring and maintenance so as I entered the conference room, I felt an overwhelming sense of excitement! Finally, someone with the answers! I sat in between Kimberly and Alfie and even managed to meet the instructor, Adrian Chye before class started. I reckon coming early has its perks. I managed to pass him my business card too.



Digital Marketing Masterclass, Asia Web Academy

Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark ~ Jay Danzie, Motivational Speaker

The first time I handed out business cards was during last year’s MIBS by Exabytes. Now a little wiser and with improved design skills, I got brand spanking new ones printed in time to hand out at the masterclass. I guess you have to do what you have to do as a freelancer. I must admit, the excitement of starting my own business as a graphic and website design freelancer is very much alive, ravenous and well. Oh, do check out my portfolio =)

I might get jaded after awhile but hey, I have to remind myself to always bite the bullet. This is definitely a life goal worth chasing and tackling. Now it’s arming myself with the skills and equipment to make the journey a wee less bumpy. Shock absorbers? =)



Digital Marketing Masterclass, Asia Web Academy

Digital marketing knights of the world wide web table.

There were about 21 of us. In hindsight, the masterclass felt like a private class. We all brought our laptops and some writing material. I have a habit of taking notes in class from my university days.

I think at one point, it felt like I was Sir Elisha and I was part of the digital marketing knights of the world wide web table. Although, true story, I had to opt out of day 2 for a work emergency. Perhaps it was not meant to be at this juncture in time. I plan on attending the upcoming session. Maybe I’ll see you there too?



Digital Marketing Masterclass, Asia Web Academy

Elisha Rusli, The Note Taker.

Im a ‘5 senses’ learner in a way. I guess writing it down on paper is equivalent to writing it down in the folds of my brain =) Corny I know, but if it works, hey. Plus, it’s great for easy reference. I take notes too when I go for courses at WebWeaver Learning Centre.

I am infamous for my colourful stationary collection. Colour coded learning, nuff’ said. I think I survived my year at Johor Matriculation College (in good ol’ gedung kain dunia, Tangkak) academia wise with colour coded flow charts and all things Tony Buzan. Note to self, contact JMC friends.



Digital Marketing Masterclass, Asia Web Academy

Eastin Hotel Parking : Constant vigilance required.

The masterclass sessions were planned immaculately by AsiaWeb Academy. Breakfast and treats were laid out up front. Oh yes, and tons and tons of coffee! An Elisha essential for sure. The buffet lunch included was pretty awesome too.

It seems like Eastin Hotel is the go-to choice for company courses. The place was packed with participants from other courses. Although, I must admit, I did feel extra special because we got the conference room. Felt exclusive in a way.

Parking can be tricky though. And please please please get your parking ticket validated. I think I had a mini brain attack when I had to pay RM30+- for half a day parking. All smiles in the morning, mini financial brain attack in the afternoon. AsiaWeb Academy does validate parking and you only have to pay RM3-5 I think, but me being me..



Digital Marketing Masterclass, Asia Web Academy

We never know which lives we influence, or when, or why ~ Stephen King, American Author

Adrian Chye is a pretty inspiring person. Similar to Danny Chua, Senior Vice President of MOLPay I met last year at the MIBS conference, Adrian Chye was really humble. Years and years of hardship and experience notches in his belt, but truly, he was very down to earth.

I’m not entirely sure if its a normal trait for people working in the industry. I reckon you have to be approachable to make it in this particular industry although I still definitely appreciated it. It made the learning environment fun. Lots of Q&A and lots of Starbucks cards being given away too. It was by far one of the best classes I’ve ever attended and he can truly teach as well.



Digital Marketing Masterclass, Asia Web Academy

Awe-inspiring Adrian.

You can be a teacher but not be particularly great at teaching. In this aspect he definitely excels. He makes sure everyone in class is on course, no man or woman left behind =) No question too dumb to ask. Plus, he uses really good analogies and case studies as well! It helps a lot in my case.

Basically, it was way more than theory. Definitely knowledge proven to work, but of course with tons of enthusiasm and effort on our part. This masterclass provided shock absorbers for sure =)

Adrian is the Co-Founder of the Mediafreaks Group of Companies. Over the last 9 years, he has managed more than 50 Global Brand accounts, offering services in Digital Marketing, 3D animation and mobile apps development. He holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Technopreneurship & Innovation, and a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Computer Engineering. He is also a Certified Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist.



Digital Marketing Masterclass, Asia Web Academy

AsiaWeb Academy Digital Marketing Masterclass 

What Will You Learn From This Course?

  • Create and brand personal/organization fans page in social media, and conceptualize a search engine marketing campaign
  • Conceptualize and Orchestrate a winning social media + search engine marketing campaign
  • Attract the RIGHT target audience and QUALITY fans
  • CONVERT the traffics and fans to become leads/customer
  • Perform competitive intelligence on the competitors and beat the competition
  • Avoid & Manage social media disaster
  • Auditing the social media outcomes and data intelligence
  • Leverage on the RIGHT web tools and resources to run task effectively



When Plusify saves the day!

It’s no secret that my most favourite client is Cheryn Tan of Plusify Fashion. She’s my design teacher AND plus size apparel supplier. I usually get semi fashion heart attacks when I have to look even the slightest bit formal.

Generally 9 to 5 averse, my wardrobe consists of plain black loose and comfy shirts and an amazing array of colourful leggings, jeggings and stretchy pants. Lycra and all things stretchy is priority when you like to feel comfy. I managed to snag this cute daisy skater dress from Plusify. Spruced it up with a waterfall cardigan and black leggings, a pretty cute combination I’ve been told. PLUS, super comfy.

This is definitely not a paid review. I can’t help it truly. I love what (and whom) I love and my tendency to spread their awesomeness is inevitable. Stifling it only makes it worse =)

Till my next entrepreneurial adventure. I bid you, fair reader adieu. Bite the design bullet with me, check in on me once in a while and if you ever need help with things, I’m your girl. Drop me an email at

Hugs, Elisha


ps – check out my blogpost on MIBS by Exabytes