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From comfort zones to confront zones!


Big girls do cry.

I’m definitely insecure in many ways regarding my plus size physique. I know I could have put in way more effort into building up my stamina and truly make a point to eat healthier. Not all women are large for stress eating like me though, this I must definitely point out.

It’s a common issue we all go through. The body image conundrum. Even when I was a skinny little thing, I still felt uncomfortable in my own skin. Either some bits of me were too large, some too small and in many ways, just not contented just being me.



Mental Picture.

When I look back at my old photos, truly I think I looked rather sweet, not at all how I pictured myself to be at the time. Bottom line, everyone is insecure. It’s now the matter of ‘to what extent’? Even those whom we deem being at an ideal weight and fitness level, more likely than not, they still feel insecure and they definitely still deserve acknowledgement of their own personal body image plight.



Big girls do cry.

But after we stop, we walk the hallway like the runway!

These days, I’m learning to embrace my figure. I’m learning to identify myself proudly as a big gurl. In fact, identify myself as ‘me’ and which ever packaging I come in. Today, I’m that badonkadonk big mama. Self compassion is key I believe.

I had not prepared myself for any modelling or real hands on participation. Cheryn and I didn’t really have the time to truly sit down and plan something out. In the end, I went with Cheryn’s flow and directions and decided to throw caution to the wind and told myself, ‘why the heck not?’.



Thus life is.

We walked out and set up not to far away from Plusify Fashion. There’s this glorious ‘fire hydrant red’ shop grill of sorts. I’ve personally been eyeing this beautiful spot for future photography opportunities awhile now. It’s cruel kismet in a way that I end up in front of the lense and not behind 🙂 Thus life is.



Life’s a drag. A drag race!

No better moment than the present, after dissecting Cheryn’s instructions and example walks and poses, I summoned my inner RuPaul and as Mama Ru would say, sissy that walk! I would have tried to summon my inner tyra top model banks but I seem to identify better with drag queens.

The past month I’ve been devouring 7 complete seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race on Netflix and I’m very thankful I did! Funny how life works out. RuPaul in fact just won and Emmy for outstanding host of a reality or reality competition series.


CondDRAGulations Mama Ru!



Can’t stop. Can’t stop the funk.

Zyen Hoo, Belly Funk instructor and fitness blogger also made an appearance. We got together and ‘made it work’! or well, we sincerely tried to 🙂 Zyen’s been making huge waves too and recently was featured on astro for her dance classes! Check her website out at for more information. A few months back, I did some profile photography shots for her – do check it out!



Find me. I’m backstage.

I’m that girl that shies away from the camera and lights. I’m more of a backstage planner that loves setting the stage, writing the plot and screenplay and work with finding the best light for the main star to strut his/her stuff and wow the crowd. I have yet to deviate from that part of my personality and find it rather serendipitous that I ended up in a field that does just that. But yes, online 🙂



A lesson on style plusification. I’ve been thoroughly schooled.

Who is Cheryn Tan? Well first and foremost, she is my guru in all things graphic and website design. She has her own learning center in Sentul, Webweaver Learning Center (WWLC). WWLC has a pretty great set up and I strongly recommend their beginner digital marketing for startups 4 hour course for anyone out there hoping to step up their FB and Google marketing game. I definitely learned a lot from Cheryn at WWLC.

The past 2 years, she’s been on a blogging and plus size fashion entrepreneur mission and I’m honoured to be part of her Plusify Fashion journey. She’s uniquely Cheryn Tan and loves fashion. She loves her curves and believe in flaunting them instead of tucking, shoving or hiding bits! Life is indeed too short to wear boring clothes, especially if your size is holding you back =) Check out her blog at!



Plusify Fashion : Life On The Plus Side

….. so Cheryn put together 4 Plusify Fashion outfits for me. I had no idea that I could look pretty alright in stripes, a striped skirt no less! Felt slightly weird wearing a skirt. Totally not used to it BUT I think I might just start embracing it =) I also embraced my inner daytime disco diva and also, what truly feels like a first – wearing a green top! For a first timer, I think I did alright. Perhaps if I brush up on my modelling skills (well, more than just brush up, REALLY practice), perhaps Cheryn would take me on as a Plusify Fashion model?

Hint hint..

hint hint hint..



Tired, but happy.

We started at 9am and managed to complete the video shoot by around 12pm. It ended on a savoury note with lunch with both Cheryn and Zyen. Thanks for belanja-ing Cheryn! Unexpected Monday morning for sure! I felt the freaking fear but did it anyways. Just for that, I’m pretty happy and contented. My heart whispered assuringly, that will do Elisha, that will do.

Thanks everyone for reading =)

Do stay tuned for more from me.




Now…*drumroll*… video time!