Cats : Colouring for Mindfulness by Mesdemoiselles

Have you ever misjudged something on autopilot? or perhaps just instinctively respond with the first thing that comes to mind? I generally keep an open mind about things. Although in the case of adult colouring books, my mind was caught too off guard to even formulate a good and verbally coherent response.

So, my poor victim of a friend came along (smiling from ear to ear) and showed me her brand spanking new adult colouring book. My first reaction was a sleepy and groggy, “hah? for we all adults to kaler ah?” and followed by lots of “sure not kawan..” and it pretty much ended with “it’s so pretty, so sayang to kaler.”



Exhibit A : Cats, Colouring for Mindfulness by Mesdemoiselles

I’m not entirely sure if you might have the same train of thought when an adult colouring book crosses your path, but apparently I did. For some reason I couldn’t wrap my head around it and couldn’t picture myself buying colour pencils at the kedai buku. Logically, I’d have to get a sharpener too. The only sharpener I might have now would be for my pencil eyeliner.

Adult colouring books, yay or nay?



Exhibit B : Elisha managed to colour in one page

Apparently, yay!

My kind hearted and well natured ‘I couldn’t hurt a fly’ friend at some point had given me her precious colouring book to let me colour in a few pages. She even handed me a pack of colouring pencils. She knew that I on occasion get stressed and overwhelmed (as most would when work starts piling up) and felt that it would be a good activity for me to do. And, bless her, she was right.

Naturally, the colouring book and pencils sat on my desk for about a month collecting dust till one point, it was truly “F*ck it, let’s try this.” I’m not sure why it was so hard for me to do, but when I started with colouring in one section, on autopilot I filled in the next, then the next, then picked another colour from the deck of colour pencils and coloured in another section.



Exhibit C : The conteng A4 paper

We all have this can conteng sheet of paper to testing colours because what you see isn’t necessarily what you get. Apparently I have trust issues. Also, infamously used to jaga the other sections you’ve already coloured in because at some point you have to colour in more difficult spots and it would be so sayang to place your sweaty side palm on the sections you’ve painstakingly coloured in. True story.

I think I coloured in a small section each day, and by the 4th day I managed to complete that one particular page. I chose it because it reminded me of my two fur babies at home.

This book has loads and loads of BEAUTIFUL ‘please colour me’ pages. In fact, my gut reaction was to not destroy its intricate beauty with my colouring, but I think that’s the hurdle most of us have to overcome. To start.





Exhibit D : The bookmark sleeve

I wouldn’t say colouring in one page had lifted my spirits and the world was right again. Although, I’m pretty sure there were split seconds of a similar feeling. Things momentarily felt a little less complicated, the mission at hand was just to colour in spots, and where possible, inside the lines (if any accidents occur, you can always ‘edit’ with liquid paper). Take a chance, instead of using the usual red, you can opt for pink and then maybe even try one of the four different shades of blue.

No regrets. (thanks kawan)

So, where can you find a similar book? I think my friend got this from Kinokuniya in KLCC. I googled it and if you’d rather not make the jam-packed pilgrimage to a people-packed mall, you can buy it online from =) Lots of choices. There are at least 4-5 different colouring topics available. No harm trying? Have a lovely week everyone. Keep biting the design bullet with me =) Stay tuned for more.

Hugs, Elisha

iman and tobi

Exhibit E : My little ones