Elisha Rusli | Freelancer
Website & Graphic Designer

I provide a complete visual branding and website design package for personal business owners, bloggers and small startups in Malaysia.

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Subaiha Juhari

This is my first time working with Bulletproof Branding and i am pleased to say that I am very happy and satisfied with her work. She is fast, knowledgable, helpful, reliable and her work is topnotch. She created my business website with full of passion and she went extra miles to make sure all my requirements are fulfilled. She even provided me extra items for my business and website. Highly recommended and I’m sure will use her service again in future. Working with her is my pleasure. Thank you Elisha! Really happy working with you! 🙂

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Poh Tun Kai

Elisha provided advice and multiple design options to help develop the logo and maps for my game, all in a timely and professional manner. Her attention to detail and helpful approach in developing the designs is to be applauded. I would gladly recommend her design services for anyone in the creative industries.

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Ryea & Lekha

Our new Fresco Grano packaging is the handiwork of the lovely Elisha Rusli!! She brought to life our vision in spectacular fashion and we want to thank you for seeing this through to completion =) Fantastic work and was an absolute pleasure working with you!! Visit www.bulletproofbranding.biz to engage in her amazing services!!

Cheryn Tan

Cheryn Tan

Plus size blogger and owner of Plusify Fashion & I Can’t Sew Boutique

Since I am a Graphic and Web designer and trainer, I would take pride in my websites, but recently I have lacked time to keep my website in touch with the latest updates. But seriously, I am so lucky to have met Elisha Rusli who took her time to help me change my website. Check out the new face of www.cheryntan.com Truly one of the most talented freelance designer I have ever worked with. Website is using WordPress with YouTube, instagram plugins for live updates from my social media feeds. She is also the power behind I Can’t Sew & Plusify Fashion’s Facebook and instagram updates. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend & colleague, babes!

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Zyen Hoo

Belly Funk Dance Instructor and Fitness Blogger, www.zyenhoo.com

I think my experience with the earlier professional photographer helped move things a lot faster, as I had an idea of what needed to be done and what was expected of me as I was being photographed. But I was still pleasantly impressed with the way Elisha handled the photoshoot. She gave me directions as a pro would, encouraging me to be spontaneous, asking me to try different angles, poses and movements so that she could capture a wide range of motion. They were not mindless directions; she comes up with good suggestions that were suitable for our theme …read more.

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Jacinta Kee

Blogger, Sweet Shopaholic

In total, we spent 2 half days shooting a variety of photos for my blog with different lightings and backdrops. I did my makeup. Elisha assisted with my hair. Elisha was very professional and made me feel comfortable, patiently giving me directions from behind the lens. When friends commented on how good the photos looked and said that I had a flair for modelling, I was quick to remind them that photography is teamwork. As much as I would like to think that I’m great a modelling, I know that I could not have done it without Elisha’s expertise from behind the lens….read more.

Razzman Khaliff

Razzman Khaliff

I was introduced to Bulletproof Branding by a mutual friend and despite minimal instruction they were able to deliver a product that perfectly fit my needs.