Life on the PLUS side with Plusify Fashion CEO, Cheryn Tan

Cheryn Tan: Founder of Plusify Fashion

… and generally, a fashionable force of nature!

Cheryn Tan, Plusify Fashion Boutique KL

Cheryn Tan, Entrepreneur and Founder of Plusify Fashion and WebWeaver Learning Center. She hails from Kuala Terengganu, and like me, a graduate from Multimedia University (MMU, Cyberjaya).

I met Cheryn when I attended an online business course she conducted early 2014. The opportunity to be part of the Plusify team early 2015 came as a pleasant surprise! It was like ‘bee to honey’ or ‘fat girl to phat fashion’ – a fiery spark worthy attraction!

What better way to kick off my humble blog than a Q & A quickie with Cheryn?

Q: How did Plusify Fashion come about Cheryn?

From young, she’d have tons of sketch books filled with fashion designs. In terms of career prospects (particularly in asian culture), being a fashion designer isn’t a proper ambition. After SPM, she found some middle ground and applied for the film and animation degree course in Multimedia University (where I’m from too!).

Life’s too short to wear boring clothes! Plusify Fashion has a large range of XL to 6XL apparel for all occasions!


After graduating, she started her own learning centre teaching graphic design, web design, film and basic computer skills. But she said there was just a fashion design itch she couldn’t scratch no matter what. She started an online boutique called ‘I Can’t Sew’ with her cousin but the focus wasn’t on plus size fashion.

From working on that, Cheryn felt fully equipped to branch out and start her very own Plus Size apparel brand – Plusify. Her vision was to make fashionable plus size apparel more accessible in Malaysia – and indeed she has! (and personally for me as well).

I Can't Sew Boutique

I Can’t Sew boutique (in Pop Jaya One, PJ) is predominantly for stylish petite women on the look out for the latest trends at affordable prices. Cheryn currently runs I Can’t Sew boutique will her cousin as well!


Q:  I definitely can see how your tech skills came in handy when you started Plusify!

How did WebWeaver Learning Center (WWLC) come about?

After graduating, Cheryn worked for a multinational company. It was a blessing in disguise that they decided to close the Malaysia branch according to her, because she didn’t think she would have had that push to pursue her own dreams.

WWLC came about when her uncle pointed out that she was pretty good at teaching his son how to create his website. After some thought, Cheryn decided to rent a small little room (unfortunately right next to a storeroom!) on top of her aunty’s shop in early 2010. It was a very humbling start she said.

WebWeaver Learning Center Kuala Lumpur

WebWeaver Learning Center is located at 33-1, Viva Biz Avenue, Jalan Suppiah Pillay, Off Jalan Ipoh, 51200, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It’s just 5 minutes away from Publika =)


Cheryn Tan, WebWeaver Learning Center

Cheryn runs WebWeaver Learning Center and conducts all the classes. She teaches photography, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, how to build websites and even basic computer skills.


Cheryn also conducts specialised workshops for companies. Pretty awesome stuff!

She also conducts specialised workshops for companies. Pretty awesome stuff!


As business picked up, Cheryn realised image was very important. When she made enough, she invested in getting a more inspiring and conducive place in Kuala Lumpur – which is now the current location of WWLC.


Q: Your next big move is to launch a private Plusify Fashion boutique. Do tell me more.

The private boutique will be Plusify Fashion’s headquarters Cheryn said rather excitedly. She explained at all the stocks for plus size apparel ranging from XL to 6XL will be located at the boutique. Cheryn noticed some time back how some women are still not particularly at ease making online purchases hence starting a Plusify Fashion boutique was a natural step forward.

She’s also hosting a special Plusify Fashion 1st Year Anniversary Sale this coming 25th October 2015 (Sunday). Everyone is invited to join us. Although if they register to attend in advance, they get some pretty snazzy free gifts! Lots of discounts (up to 30% off) and goodies in store!

Cheryn Tan, Plusify Fashion Boutique KL

Managed to get a few snapshots of her the other day with my nifty ‘old but retro gold’ Nikon DSLR =)


Cheryn Tan, Plusify Fashion Boutique KL

Cheryn, wrapping up some items to be posted out. There were a few orders that day so I managed to grab a few shots of her in wrapping action! =)


Plusify Fashion Anniversary Sale, 25th Oct 2015


Do check out the FB event page and don’t forget to LIKE Plusify Fashion =)

Oh yes, register here for a special anniversary gift!

Plusify Fashion Anniversary Sale




I’m super stoked about the massive sale coming up. Cheryn just got a new shipment of casual plus size apparel and I’m dying to try some on 🙂

I will be writing a blogpost soon on the process of prepping up printed marketing materials via Photoshop for the event (part of my job description at Plusify Fashion). Do stay tuned. More to come!

Till then, I’ll leave you with a lil’ poster I put together and yeap, stay in the game ladies 🙂 It’s a long journey ahead being a female entrepreneur. Many a bumps ahead but with a lil’ help, support, research, personal grit and developed ‘shock absorbers’, the bumps on that highway to personal success will be a lil’ smoother!


Cheryn Tan