Art For Grabs : Art & Activism Bazaar @ The School

The Art for Grabs bazaar was just 2 weeks back. Long overdue blogpost indeed! I only found out about it on Day 1 of the bazaar. I happened to join the doodle Malaysia FB group and a member shared the event.

I had a particularly busy week and felt a solitude ‘I love me for me’ Sunday would reboot some life back into me. And yes, all my kawans were busy *sad trombone*

Art for Grabs Bazaar + Sisters In Islam @ The School, Jaya One, PJ (12th-13th September 2015)

I was rather (pleasantly) surprised how gung ho everyone was! Lots of vendors set up shop. It was a myriad of creative colour indeed!


The artsy vibe or creative life force was very strong that weekend at The School, Jaya One.


I met many passionate art vendors. A really sweet mom, son and daughter ‘Our Crafty Empire’ team (which I think I freaked out a lil’ with my enthusiasm – I blame it on the caffeine), a dynamic duo called All The Ns, the inspiring MUOC couple holding down their little art fort, a punk rock biker Cherry Bomb KL chick and a slightly sleepy Lorem Tootsem!

Below is my little local art haul – which I’ll go one by one.


Our Crafty Empire

‘Our Crafty Empire’ mom, son and daughter team were incredibly sweet to me. They layan-ed my many questions. Lots of hand painted goodies! Many of which screamed ‘made with love’.

Hand painted with love for sure! I kinda felt bad in fact that it was priced really cheap. A lot of effort went into it for sure. Thumbs up though!


All The N’s

The All The N’s were quite the dynamic duo! They DEFINITELY developed their brand well complete with a great company colour scheme, logo and active social media. These ladies are in it (not entirely to win it, because winning isn’t what art is about) and intend to make their mark!

All The N’s had postcards for sale. The images were taken when they were on holiday in Cambodia. They’ve really got a knack for photography! I just had to purchase these two postcards.


Mixed media art. They explained that it was a photograph they took, edited a little to make things ‘pop’ and then printed on tiles. Fantastic idea I must say! Loved this one in particular =)


Malaysian Unity of Culture (MUOC)

The lovely couple with their long stretch of vending tables was pretty near All The Ns and it was inevitable that Elisha would target them next! Passionate Yousef of Malaysian Unity of Culture (MUOC) talked about his humble vision to educate people on wildlife and bring the nation together through a new symbol (well, animal) – The Tapir!

Maybe I’m adding too much seasoning to what he expressed, but the gist of it was unity. All his merchandise was self funded and a lot of heart, soul and personal thought was put into it. Triple tapir thumbs up!


Image stolen from MUOC’s FB page (sorry Yousef!). As you can see, we’ve got some pretty humble creative minds at work here!


I purchased some printed artwork too from Yousef! He volunteered to give an art gallery in Penang a helping hand to manage their booth at the Art for Grabs bazaar. I can’t seem to find them online though, perhaps I got the name wrong.


I got these really nice prints as well! Needless to say, I WAS in local art heaven =)


Cherry Bomb KL

Rocker chick a.k.a The Cherry Bomb KL Babe. Yeap, she’s got her unique punk rock brand nailed. *rock hand gesture thingy* I bought this awesome Grim Fandango-esque skull cushion. Definitely a new prized possession!

Cherry Bomb KL

Latest edition to my humble ‘crib’.


Lorem Tootsem & Yanti Ismail

Last but definitely not least, Lorem Tootsem. Tootie, her name I believe, had a slight sleepy vibe to her. But from experience of being in charge of booths and full day events, it IS really draining, what more a back to back weekend event.

The hand painted wooden cat magnets were definitely an Elisha tarikan art gravity thingy. Priced really affordable too. I snagged a few to give mom and dad and a few friends. Her sister is a painter as well. She wasn’t at the booth though. Turns out she’s Yante Ismail who is uber super talented at feminism related art. Triple thumbs up!

Lorem Tootsem

I secretly wish I could doodle. Although ‘doodling’, the word itself sounds like it’s effortless. Which probably comes naturally to many, but for me? *facepalm* Find @loremtootsem on instagram!


Had to get my hands on these hand painted wooden cat magnets! Awesome work Lorem Tootsem =)


No caption needed. Do check out Yante Ismail’s blog at


It was overall a good solitude Sunday fuelled by 3 cups of ice lattes, a carrot cake and ciabatta sandwich from Dou Chang Coffee. Oh, and this rather interesting stand comedy group from One Mic Stand (awesome wordplay).

One Mic Stand stand shows are every Tuesday night 9pm at PJLA Cabaret, Jaya One (above Frontera).


First impression of the ‘One Mic Stand’ rat pack team?

And when I use the term rat pack, I mean it in a very endearing and awesome ‘we’re doing our own thing’ way. They had fun for sure! Which is important. The ‘what seemed like team leader’, I felt held this group of hilarious and talented young comedians together and provided a strong planted hook on the ground (where we everyday people live) to make sure they don’t float away into their little creatively PG 18 humorous universes.

So, signing off with a lil quote. Till next time, stay creative. Develop your own personal brand and stick to your entrepreneurial guns!